Stability and change in political attitudes

From January 2010 to December 2013
Funding Institution: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
Grant Number: CSO2010-18534

Research questions

To what extent are differences in the degree of stability of different political attitudes? Can differences in the economic and political context, exposure to different media or in life transitions account for these changes?

We want to consider attitudes that are expected to be relatively stable (such as political interest or efficacy) as well as those expected to change along time within individuals (issue positions, evaluation of the government/opposition, and perceptions of the economic and political situation) in response to changing political and economic circumstances. We expected that the political and economic context, exposure to media, and life transitions to be the main explanatory factors of intra-individual attitude change. Conversely, socialization, personality, and socio-demographics are expected to explain attitude stability along time and inter-individual variation.


The project is mainly based on an online panel survey carried out between 2010 and 2016.  These longitudinal data are complemented with online survey experiments. Both tools are intended to allow for an adequate estimation of causal effects. The data will also allow to address crucial methodological questions that are currently in the agenda of survey research regarding online surveys (sample representativeness, effects of mode of administration, question wording effects). A methodological report (in Spanish) regarding the first seven waves of the panel is available here  and data for the first four waves are available upon request.


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