Migrants’ political attitudes, participation and representation

From February 2006 to January 2009
Funding Institution: European Comission-General European Research Are, Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, Jaume Bofill Foundation, General Direction of Citizenship Participation – Catalan Government, Séneca Foundation
Grant Number: CIT5-CT-2005-028802, SEJ2005-07733/CPOL, 03007/PCHS/05

Research questions

To what extent is the immigrant population politically integrated into the local life of their cities? Are there significant differences in the degree to which different ethnic, cultural or national groups are politically integrated into the local life? If such differences exist, what factors help explain the variations in the degree of political integration from one immigrant group to another?

The analytical approach of the research considers the potential influence of four types of factors: Immigrants’ individual characteristics; the structuring of immigrants’ organizations along ethnic, national or geo-cultural cleavages; the structure of institutional and discursive opportunities; and the characteristics of the immigrant groups within the host society.


Information has been gathered using the same framework for three different levels of analysis for all the European cities participating in this project (Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Milan, Budapest, Zurich, London):

  • The contextual or macro level, through the use of secondary sources and interviews with political and administrative authorities;

  • The organizational or meso-level, through the study of immigrants’ organisational structures and networks, carried out with surveys to immigrants’ associations; and

  • The individual or micro level, through a survey to immigrant residents of different origins (with a control group of national-born citizens).



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