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Are Highly Public Service–Motivated Individuals Immune to Common Causes of Unethical Behavior? Calibrating the Moderating Role of Group Pressure and Competition for Economic Resources

New article by Guillem Ripoll, Enrique Hernández and Xavier Ballart in Public Performance & Management Review. Previous research has neglected the moderating role of the environment in studying the negative effect of public service motivation (PSM) on unethical behavior. This article investigates whether this effect prevails under group pressure and competition for economic resources. Moreover, […]

The Personality Divide Between Citizens and Politicians: The Case of the Four Largest Spanish Parties

New article by Carol Galais and Xavier Coller in Parliamentary Affairs. Despite the alleged increasing importance given to politicians’ personalities, the similarities and differences between citizens and politicians regarding their personality traits have been insufficiently studied. This research analyses the personality similarities and differences between citizens and politicians in Spain across party allegiances and ideologies. […]