Seminar calendar: Spring 2021


February 26, 2021 15:30
Berta Barbet (UAB): “If you are going to talk like that I don’t want to participate. Experimental evidence
on the effects of debate content and tone on political inequalities.”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Sofia Breitenstein

March 8, 2021 13:00
Angel Torres (UAB): “Exploring factors influencing the gender gap in support for international organizations in the AA countries”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Berta Barbet

April 7, 2021 13:00
Daniel Baliñas (UAB) & Carol Galais (UAB): “Covid-19 & affective polarization in Spain. The pandemic as a ’focusing event’ ”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Macarena Ares

May 20, 2021 16:00
María José Hierro (Yale):  “Nationalism under economic adversity and recovery”
Venue: Online (Teams)
Discussant: Enrique Hernández

June 10, 2021 13:00
Macarena Ares (UAB), Sofia Breitenstein (UAB) & Enrique Hernández
(UAB): “Looking the other way? Selective media exposure and the electoral punishment of
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Carol Galais


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