Seminar calendar: Spring 2020


January 16, 2020 13:00
Angel Luis Torres (UAB): “Public support for European Union and Eurasian Economic Union membership. Evidence from the Eastern Partnership countries.”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Enrique Hernández

January 24, 2020 13:00
Macarena Ares (UZH), Sofia Breitenstein (UAB) & Enrique Hernández:  “Looking the other way? Selective media exposure and the electoral punishment of
corruption” (Experimental Design Discussion)
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Jordi Muñoz

February 14, 2020 13:00
Joan-Josep Vallbé (UB):  “Equal with Colleagues in a Ring’: individual and compositional sex effects on
judicial decisions over gender violence”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Berta Barbet

March 16, 2020 13:00
Marc Guinjoan (UB):  “How ideology shapes the relationship between populist attitudes and support for
liberal democratic values”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Angel Torres

April 1, 2020 13:00
Pablo Aragon (Eurecat & UPF):  “Caracterización de la participación online en tecnologías cívicas”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Carol Galais

April 30, 2020 13:00
Leire Rincón (UB) & Julia Díaz:  “Revisiting sexual violence: evidence from an online survey in Spain.”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Marga León 

May 28, 2020 13:00
Toni Rodón (UPF):  “Playing to the Gallery: How Politicians Use Emotive Rhetoric in Parliament”
Venue: Sala de Juntes
Discussant: Guillem Rico


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