DEC Seminar’s new calendar: fall/winter 2018-2019

Here you can find a list of the  DEC seminars scheduled for the autumn and winter of 2018 and 2019. Abstracts and further information will be provided closer to the date.

The calendar also can be downloaded in pdf format here.


November 15, 2018 13:00

Andreu Arenas (IPEG)
“Party bans, deterrence or backlash? Evidence from the Basque Country”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Marc Guinjoan

November 29, 2018 13:00

Amalia Álvarez (Max Planck Institute)
“The Efect of Terrorist Attacks on Online Hate: A Natural Experiment”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Enrique Hernández

December 4, 2018 13:00

Luca Bernardi (UAB)
“Depression and Political Efficacy”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Dani Marinova

January 30, 2019 13:00

Ana Balkovic (UAB)
“The Implementation of Austerity Policies and Protest Participation: A Myth-busting”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Berta Barbet

Februray 13, 2019 13:00

Enrique Hernández (UAB) & Roberto Pannico (ICS-Lisboa)
“Fighting Euroscepticism: The Impact of EU Institutional Advertising on Support for European Integration “
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Sofí a Breitenstein

February 27, 2019 13:00

Berta Barbet (UAB)
“The impact of individual and party dimensionality on democratic views.”
Venue: Sala Anexa (B1/-109)
Discussant: Carol Galais