Complex and multiple cultural identities: Is multiculturalism (always) adaptive?

Verònica Benet-Martínez (UPF Icrea)

28 april 2017, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes

The impact multiculturalism has on psychological and social adjustment has remained empirically unclear until recently. This presentation will review a program of research examining this issue by means of experimental, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Results indicate that acculturating individuals who embrace biculturalism (vs. assimilation or separation) have richer behavioural repertoires and social networks, greater creativity and innovation, and better emotional and behavioral adjustment. However, not all those who embrace biculturalism organize their cultural orientations in the same way, and differences in the degree of cultural blendedness and harmony experienced by bicultural people moderate these positive outcomes. Implications for understanding the intersectionality of other types of social identities and outcomes (including political affiliation and ideology), will also be discussed.