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With your help, we study the political engagement of citizens in contemporary democracies.

THESIS DEFENSE: “Party cues and Citizen’s Attitudes”

Roberto Pannico will defend his Ph.D. thesis "Party cues and…
26/09/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Tracing the origins of the gender gap in political interest: a dynamic approach.”

Marta Fraile (European University Insisute i CSIC)

18/09/2017/by grdec

Enrique Hernández gana el premio AECPA 2017 al mejor capítulo de libro

Enrique Hernández, miembro del grupo, es el ganador del premio…
13/09/2017/by grdec

NEW ARTICLE: “The corrosive effect of corruption on trust in politicians: Evidence from a natural experiment”

New article by Enrique Hernandez and others at Research &…
20/06/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “The impact of intra-generational class mobility on economic preferences: A longitudinal analysis based on the British Household Panel Survey”

Macarena Ares (European University Institute)
19th May, 13:00h,…
16/05/2017/by grdec

WORKSHOP “Political participation and political inclusion”

The purpose of this workshop, that will be celebrated the next…
08/05/2017/by grdec

JORNADA “Desigualtat i participació a la ciutat de Barcelona”

El proper dia 9 de juny es celebrarà a la sala 2 del CCCB la…
08/05/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Voting Behavior under Doubts of Ballot Secrecy”

Guillem Riambau (Yale-NUS)

5 may 2017, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes

02/05/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Complex and multiple cultural identities: Is multiculturalism (always) adaptive?”

Verònica Benet-Martínez (UPF Icrea)

28 april 2017, 13:00h,…
02/05/2017/by grdec

NEW ARTICLE: “Turnout and social fractionalisation”

New article by Marc Guinjoan and others published at Politics
26/04/2017/by grdec

Convocatoria POLEXP para dos becas para la 2017 Nuffield CESS/Essex Experimental Summer School

La Red de Investigación Experimental en Ciencia Política POLEXP…
07/04/2017/by grdec

NEW ARTICLE: “Is the European Union too complicated? Citizens’ lack of information and party cue effectiveness”

New article by Roberto Pannico published European Union…
05/04/2017/by grdec

Dani Marinova winner of the 2017 GESIS Klingemann Prize for the Best CSES Scholarship

Dani Marinova, member of the group, is the winner of the…
05/04/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “A Tale of Two Regimes? Taxation, Political Bargaining, and Fiscal Contract in China and Taiwan”

DEC Seminar
Dídac Queralt (IPEG-Barcelona)
22 February, 13h,…
20/02/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Exogenous and endogenous determinants of Spanish mayors’ notions democracy”

DEC Seminar
Joan-Josep Vallbé (Universitat de Barcelona) y Ángel…
19/01/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Populism, Anti-populism and Crisis”

DEC Seminar
Yannis Stravrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
09/01/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “How Elections Widen Inequality: Electoral Accountability and Labor Market Policy”

Departamental seminar
Dani Marinova (UAB)
16 December, 2016,…
16/12/2016/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Democracy under High Inequality: Political Participation and Public Goods”

DEC seminar
Francesc Amat (IPEG) and Pablo Beramendi (Duke…
07/11/2016/by grdec

SEMINAR: “The `left behind’ are not alone: class alliances and extreme right success”

Sergi Pardos (Merton College - University of Oxford)
28 September…
26/09/2016/by grdec

Call for pre-doctoral research positions

The research group DEC (Democracy, Elections and Citizenship)…
13/09/2016/by grdec

NEW PUBLICATION: Coping with Complexity. How Voters Adapt to Unstable Parties

Dani M Marinova 2016, ECPR Press
When parties undergo abrupt…
18/08/2016/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Political Association: America’s Forgotten Tradition”

 Michael Jensen (University of Canberra) & Henrik Bang (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Anti-Politics, Politicians and the Professional-Amateur Trap”

Paul Fawcett (University of Canberra) &  Jack Corbett (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Can Citizens Be Framed? How Information More than Emphasis Changes Opinions”

Thomas Leeper (LSE)
1 July 2016, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes
30/06/2016/by grdec