Democracy, Elections and Citizenship

With your help, we study the political engagement of citizens in contemporary democracies.

SEMINAR: “The Role of the Economic Conditions in Second-Order Elections”

Agustí Bosch (UAB)

29th of April, 11:00h, Sala de Juntes de…
24/04/2019/by grdec

Research assistant position within the LABOREP project

Research Assistant at the Department of Political Science and…
09/04/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Holding Governments Accountable for Pension Reform? Testing the Moderating Effects of New Social Risks”

Dani Marinova (UAB)

5th of April, 12:30h, Sala de Juntes de…
02/04/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Nobody seems to be fully representing me: belief unconstraint and its effects on the political system”

Berta Barbet (UAB)

13th de February, 13:00h, Sala Annexa…
22/02/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Fighting Euroscepticism: The Impact of EU Institutional Advertising on Support for European Integration”

Enrique Hernández (UAB) and Roberto Pannico(ICS-Lisboa) 

11/02/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “The Crisis Fuelled Cycle of Contention in Croatia – Myth or Reality?”

Ana Balkovic (UAB)

30th January, 13:00h, Sala Annexa (B1/-109)…
29/01/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Depression and Political Efficacy”

Luca Bernardi  (UAB)

4th Decembre 2018, 13:00h, Sala Annexa…
01/12/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “When Do Terrorist Attacks Increase Hate Speech? Evidence from a Natural Experiment”

Amalia Álvarez-Benjumea  (Max Planck Institute for Research…
26/11/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Party bans: deterrence or backlash? Evidence from the Basque Country”

 Andreu Arenas (Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and…
12/11/2018/by grdec

Four-year fully funded PhD position in one of our projects

The Institut de Govern i Politiques Públiques and the Department…
17/10/2018/by grdec

DEC Seminar’s new calendar: fall/winter 2018-2019

Here you can find a list of the  DEC seminars scheduled for…
17/10/2018/by grdec

Enrique Hernández gana el premio al Mejor Artículo ESS para Investigadores Jovenes

Enrique Hernández, miembro del grupo, es el ganador del premio…
25/09/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Preference for Secession: The Divide over Catalan Independence”

Maria José Hierro (Yale University)

25th June, 13:00h, Sala…
20/06/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “A Universal Measure of the Proportionality of Electoral Systems”

Daniel Bochsler (University of Copenhagen)

5th june 2018,…
02/06/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Immigration Policy and its Effects on Foreigners’ Political Integration”

Sergi Pardos-Prado (Merton College Oxford)

31th may 2018,…
29/05/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Mainstream media coverage of the European Union during the economic crisis. Spain, France and the UK compared”

Sabina Monza (UAB)

30th may 2018, 10:00h, Sala de Juntes de…
29/05/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Socialization in Times of Elections: A Field Experiment on the Impact of Civic Education”

Valérie-Anne Mahéo (Université de Montréal)

Dimarts 15…
09/05/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Welfare States Matter for Democracy: Income-based Participatory Inequality in Post-WWII Western Democracies”

Carsten Q. Schneider (Central European University)

24th april…
18/04/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Layered Economies: Heterogeneity in Economic Conditions and Evaluations”

Dani Marinova (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona)

20th february 2018,…
16/02/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Ideology and Identity: The Changing Party Systems of India”

Pradeep Chhibber (University of California, Berkeley)

21/01/2018/by grdec

SEMINAR: “ Looking in a Carnival Mirror: Ideology and Protest Participation in Old and New Democracies ”

 Filip Kostelka (University of Barcelona)

12st december…
06/12/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “A tale of two referendums: Fear, risk and independence in #indyref and #brexit”

Rob Johns (University of Essex)

28th november 2017, 13:00h, Sala…
28/11/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “The issues of the Spanish electoral change: a voting behaviour perspective”

Berta Barbet (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona)

14st november 2017,…
09/11/2017/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Should You Sacrifice Your Constituents? Moral Dilemmas and the Evaluation of Politicians”

Enrique Hernández (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona)

27/10/2017/by grdec