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SEMINAR: “Family, gender norms and social class: The political incorporation of women in Sweden (1921-1960)”

Jordi Muñoz (UB)

21st april 13:00h, Sala de Juntes Facultat…
16/04/2021/by grdec

SEMINAR: “COVID-19 and affective polarization. A Spanish cautionary tale”

Carol Galais (UAB) and Daniel Balinhas (UAB)

7th april 13:00h,…
06/04/2021/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Studying the ethnic gap in geopolitical preferences in the Association Agreement countries. Evidence from Georgia (2015-2019).”

Ángel Torres (UAB)

8th march 13:00h, Sala de Juntes Facultat…
04/03/2021/by grdec

SEMINAR: “If you are going to talk like that I don’t want to participate. Experimental evidence on the effects of debate on political inequalities”

Berta Barbet (UAB)

26th february 15:30h, Sala de Juntes Facultat…
22/02/2021/by grdec

Seminar calendar: Spring 2021

February 26, 2021 15:30
10/02/2021/by grdec

SEMINAR: “PRR parties’ success and political correctness. A Spanish tale about symbolic effects.”

Carol Galais (UAB) and Juan Pérez-Rajó (UAB)

14th january…
11/01/2021/by grdec

SEMINAR: “It’s not what they defend, it’s how the defend it: The relationship between partisan, ideological and emotional polarization in the Catalan context”

Berta Barbet (UAB)

17th december, 13:00h, Aula 8 Facultat…
09/12/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Did Female Suffrage bolster Conservative Support? The case of the Spanish Second Republic (1931-1939)”

Toni Rodón (UPF)

3rd december, 13:00h, Aula 8 Facultat de…
01/12/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Motivated reasoning, prior beliefs, and evidence in the politics of welfare reform”

Leire Rincón (UB)

13th november, 13:00h, Aula 8 Facultat…
11/11/2020/by grdec

Seminar calendar: Fall 2020

November 13, 2020 13:00
05/11/2020/by grdec

Carol Galais winner of the Robert M. Worcester Price for the best paper by World Association of Public Opinion Research

Carol Galais, member of the group, is the winner jointly with…
12/10/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “An experimental test of the economic vote: impact, asymmetry and conditionality”

Roberto Pannico (ICS-Lisboa)

9th of July, 16:00h, Zoom meeting. ID…
06/07/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Timing partisanship: stability, strength and sway of party identification with new parties”

Eva Anduiza (UAB) i Roberto Pannico (ICS-Lisboa)

3th of…
02/06/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Political and Sex Bias in Judicial Decisions: A Natural Experiment”

Joan-Josep Vallbé (UB)

14th of February, 13:00h, Sala Anexa de…
11/02/2020/by grdec

Seminar calendar: Spring 2020

January 16, 2020…
21/01/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Looking the other way? Selective media exposure and the electoral punishment of corruption. Experimental design and analysis plan”

Macarena Ares (UZH), Sofia Breitenstein (UAB) and Enrique…
21/01/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Public support for European Union and Eurasian Economic Union membership. Evidence from the Eastern Partnership countries”

Angel Luis Torres (UAB)

16th of January, 13:00h, Sala de…
13/01/2020/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Asking about welfare priorities: attitudinal constraint in social policy preferences”

Macarena Ares (Universitat de Zurich)

28th of Novembre, 13:00h, Sala…
25/11/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Habits, Mental Health and Voting: Citizens with Poor Mental Health Rely Less on Predispositions to Make their Voting Decisions”

Luca Bernardi (ULIV- The University of Liverpool)

7th of…
04/11/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Revisiting the Linz-Moreno question. Identities, causal antecedents and support for secession”

Marc Guinjoan (UAB)

8th of July, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes de…
04/07/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “When Growth is Not Enough: Issue Positions, Inequality, and Economic Accountability”

Timothy Hellwig (Indiana University – Bloomington)

19/06/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “The big five in the big four: Personality traits among politicians and supporters of the largest four Spanish parties”

Carol Galais (UAB)- paper co-authored with Xavier Coller and Elena…
17/06/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Do you have what it takes? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of gender and age on bargaining over government formation”

Albert Falcó (UB)

4th of June, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes de…
31/05/2019/by grdec

SEMINAR: “Too Crooked to be Good: Tradeoffs and the Punishment of Malfeasance”

Sofia Breitenstein (UAB) - paper co-authored with Enrique Hernández…
16/05/2019/by grdec