Democracy, Elections and Citizenship

With your help, we can study the political engagement of citizens in contemporary democracies.

“Democracy under High Inequality: Political Participation and Public Goods”

DEC seminar Francesc Amat (IPEG) and Pablo Beramendi (Duke…
07/11/2016/by grdec

“The `left behind’ are not alone: class alliances and extreme right success”

Sergi Pardos (Merton College - University of Oxford) 28 September…
26/09/2016/by grdec

Call for pre-doctoral research positions

The research group DEC (Democracy, Elections and Citizenship)…
13/09/2016/by grdec

Coping with Complexity. How Voters Adapt to Unstable Parties

Dani M Marinova 2016, ECPR Press When parties undergo abrupt…
18/08/2016/by grdec

“Political Association: America’s Forgotten Tradition”

 Michael Jensen (University of Canberra) & Henrik Bang (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

“Anti-Politics, Politicians and the Professional-Amateur Trap”

Paul Fawcett (University of Canberra) &  Jack Corbett (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

“Can Citizens Be Framed? How Information More than Emphasis Changes Opinions”

Thomas Leeper (LSE) 1 July 2016, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes
30/06/2016/by grdec

On the use of Crowdsourcing Labor Markets in Research

Dani M Marinova 2016, Perspectives on Politics 14(2)
14/06/2016/by grdec

“Justifiability of Euthanasia in OECD Countries: Patterns of Change and Age-Period-Cohort Analysis”

Raül Tormos (University of Barcelona), Maksim Rudnev (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Edurbe Bartolomé (University of Deusto) 17 June 2016, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes
30/05/2016/by grdec

Call for proposals for survey experimental designs for young researchers

La Red de Investigación Experimental en Ciencia Política POLEXP (CSO2015-71952-REDT) lanza una convocatoria de diseños experimentales de encuesta para jóvenes investigadores.
30/05/2016/by grdec

“Social Policy Preferences in the Age of Austerity”

Charlotte Cavaillé (Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse) 27…
30/05/2016/by grdec

The 2nd Barcelona-Gothenburg Workshop on Experimental Political Science

The workshop is an event conceived to bring together researchers…
08/04/2016/by grdec

“Does Electoral Accountability Pay off? Economic Voting and Economic Policy”

Dani Marinova (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) 15 April…
08/04/2016/by grdec

“National identities and economic crisis”

María José Hierro (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) 8…
30/03/2016/by grdec

Social Media Accounts of the Spanish Indignados

Social Media Accounts of the Spanish Indignados Camilo Cristancho…
30/03/2016/by grdec

More Misinformed than Myopic: Economic Retrospections and the Voter’s Time Horizon

More Misinformed than Myopic: Economic Retrospections and the…
30/03/2016/by grdec

“How to make dutiful citizens and influence turnout”

Carol Galais (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) 4 March 2016,…
01/03/2016/by grdec

A Tale of Two Crises: Contentious Responses to Austerity Policy in Spain

A Tale of Two Crises: Contentious Responses to Austerity…
23/12/2015/by grdec

“Geography matters: Identity, secession and the spatial dimension in Catalonia”

Toni Rodon (Stanford University) and Marc Guinjoan (Universitat…
10/12/2015/by grdec

“From Political Mobilization to Electoral Participation: Turnout in Barcelona in the 1930s”

Francesc Amat (Institute of Political Economy and Governance),…
10/12/2015/by grdec

“The Electoral Rise of Podemos and Ciudadanos”

Iván Durán (Menéndez Pelayo International University,…
15/10/2015/by grdec