Democracy, Elections and Citizenship

With your help, we can study the political engagement of citizens in contemporary democracies.

“A Tale of Two Regimes? Taxation, Political Bargaining, and Fiscal Contract in China and Taiwan”

DEC Seminar Dídac Queralt (IPEG-Barcelona) 22 February, 13h,…
20/02/2017/by grdec

“Exogenous and endogenous determinants of Spanish mayors’ notions democracy”

DEC Seminar Joan-Josep Vallbé (Universitat de Barcelona) y Ángel…
19/01/2017/by grdec

“Populism, Anti-populism and Crisis”

DEC Seminar Yannis Stravrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) 13…
09/01/2017/by grdec

“How Elections Widen Inequality: Electoral Accountability and Labor Market Policy”

Departamental seminar Dani Marinova (UAB) 16 December, 2016,…
16/12/2016/by grdec

“Democracy under High Inequality: Political Participation and Public Goods”

DEC seminar Francesc Amat (IPEG) and Pablo Beramendi (Duke…
07/11/2016/by grdec

“The `left behind’ are not alone: class alliances and extreme right success”

Sergi Pardos (Merton College - University of Oxford) 28 September…
26/09/2016/by grdec

Call for pre-doctoral research positions

The research group DEC (Democracy, Elections and Citizenship)…
13/09/2016/by grdec

Coping with Complexity. How Voters Adapt to Unstable Parties

Dani M Marinova 2016, ECPR Press When parties undergo abrupt…
18/08/2016/by grdec

“Political Association: America’s Forgotten Tradition”

 Michael Jensen (University of Canberra) & Henrik Bang (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

“Anti-Politics, Politicians and the Professional-Amateur Trap”

Paul Fawcett (University of Canberra) &  Jack Corbett (University…
05/07/2016/by grdec

“Can Citizens Be Framed? How Information More than Emphasis Changes Opinions”

Thomas Leeper (LSE) 1 July 2016, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes
30/06/2016/by grdec

On the use of Crowdsourcing Labor Markets in Research

Dani M Marinova 2016, Perspectives on Politics 14(2)
14/06/2016/by grdec

“Justifiability of Euthanasia in OECD Countries: Patterns of Change and Age-Period-Cohort Analysis”

Raül Tormos (University of Barcelona), Maksim Rudnev (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Edurbe Bartolomé (University of Deusto) 17 June 2016, 13:00h, Sala de Juntes
30/05/2016/by grdec

Call for proposals for survey experimental designs for young researchers

La Red de Investigación Experimental en Ciencia Política POLEXP (CSO2015-71952-REDT) lanza una convocatoria de diseños experimentales de encuesta para jóvenes investigadores.
30/05/2016/by grdec

“Social Policy Preferences in the Age of Austerity”

Charlotte Cavaillé (Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse) 27…
30/05/2016/by grdec

The 2nd Barcelona-Gothenburg Workshop on Experimental Political Science

The workshop is an event conceived to bring together researchers…
08/04/2016/by grdec

“Does Electoral Accountability Pay off? Economic Voting and Economic Policy”

Dani Marinova (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) 15 April…
08/04/2016/by grdec

“National identities and economic crisis”

María José Hierro (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) 8…
30/03/2016/by grdec

Social Media Accounts of the Spanish Indignados

Social Media Accounts of the Spanish Indignados Camilo Cristancho…
30/03/2016/by grdec

More Misinformed than Myopic: Economic Retrospections and the Voter’s Time Horizon

More Misinformed than Myopic: Economic Retrospections and the…
30/03/2016/by grdec

“How to make dutiful citizens and influence turnout”

Carol Galais (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) 4 March 2016,…
01/03/2016/by grdec

A Tale of Two Crises: Contentious Responses to Austerity Policy in Spain

A Tale of Two Crises: Contentious Responses to Austerity…
23/12/2015/by grdec

“Geography matters: Identity, secession and the spatial dimension in Catalonia”

Toni Rodon (Stanford University) and Marc Guinjoan (Universitat…
10/12/2015/by grdec

“From Political Mobilization to Electoral Participation: Turnout in Barcelona in the 1930s”

Francesc Amat (Institute of Political Economy and Governance),…
10/12/2015/by grdec